• Product design development

The Brief

The brief was to create a label design that is not only a practical business necessity but to display a space for creative ingenuity. The main purpose of the design was to inform patients that they can get care for stigmatised health issues. With prescription for hair loss treatments and plans to expand into other verticals, including erectile dysfunction and smoking cessation. With copy that identifies and describes the product—and indirectly—with colour and artwork that convey the overall experience. All in all, to design a label that creates an expectation, which is why it was so important to send the right message.

The Approach

Before our design and creative team start designing, even through rough sketches, it was essential that we did proper research. First to find out who the target customers of the product were — their age, gender, values, education, etc. — these are all vital pieces of information that helped inform our design decisions.

  • Do research
  • Practical design
  • What packaging materials will be used
  • Pick the right colour scheme
  • Think about the USP of the product at all times
  • Involve the customer in the process

The Challenge

Before having something very elaborate in mind such as letterpress typography and raised design elements, we had to make sure we were practical for our client. Therefore we had to find out what restrictions there were, if any, before beginning the design.

Project Outcome


The feedback we had was the product attracted the customer’s attention and was memorable as the sales increased after the new design.

 Right material and label finish

We had to make sure we worked together with the printing company to provide the correct material. We ensured the label is fit for purpose and perform in the conditions expected during the life of the product.

“We are very at the beginning of the development of the project but we couldn't be happier with the results, very impressive. The design information that conveyed on the label is simple, creative, quick and easy to digest. Sales have increased a lot. ”

PT. Vyta Teknologi IndonesiaCEO

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