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A young and reliable team.

We call ourselves a digitalLab because that’s the lab where we make all things digital happen. From creativity to digital marketing.

Our daily goal make our clients feel that we are part of the same team, working towards the same goals so we can grow together.

We have recently expanded our lab globally, which means we have new minds, new ideas, more knowledge, better results.

It all started in London, 2013.

That’s how all started, with a coffee at Pret a Manger in Victoria.
Gustavo met his friend Andrej to discuss the possibilities to build a digital agency that could provide everything a client need to succeed online. 
Since then, we keep growing and putting a lot of effort to make sure our clients can count on us to deliver results. 
Founder & Wizard of light bulb moments

Gustavo Fonseca

Gustavo (Guga) is our Wizard of light bulb moments. Why? Modern day magician? No, He just love using deft sleight-of-hand and well-orchestrated routines to charm our clients and make them grow online.

He's been working with digital marketing for the past 15 years. He dedicated his career to digital marketing and studied at the Digital Marketing Institute and Cambridge University. He feels fortunate to be in London as he says it is a global hub for emerging businesses and a cultural treasure trove that draws one of the most extraordinary minds on the planet.

Gustavo is very knowledgeable in brand development, customer journey, lead generation and paid advertising. Every day his biggest goal is to ensure himself and his team is demystified with all the creativity, adoption and experimental mindset to deliver world-class results to our clients.

Gustavo will keep doing what he loves the most: being surrounded by creative people and supporting his clients to achieve their goals with digital marketing.

Software developer & Overlord

Andrej Burcev

Andrej is an expert software architect/developer, able to view any system as the sum of components. Combined with exceptional problem-solving skills, he has the capability to efficiently and rapidly develop solutions to any problem. He is an excellent communicator and a dedicated engineer.
Paid media manager & Trailblazer

Maryann Wong

Maryann is someone that loves packing her trusty backpack of ideas and wandering into the untamed wilderness that is the digital landscape exploring new ground with each breakthrough campaign.

Responsible for ideation, creative technology, strategy, business development, planning, and measurement, Maryann knows how to create eye-catching experiences that get brands noticed and talked about in both the physical and digital worlds.

She was once lost and unsure about her career path before entering the digital marketing world. Seeing one YouTube ad sparked her interest and got her thinking about how to create one. Her passion for digital marketing has kept her going for four years in this industry.

Brand warrior

Marilyn Wong

Having been in the marketing industry for more than three years as someone who used to be very shy around strangers, Marilyn now can speak comfortably with just about anyone. A person who enjoys catching the latest news to stay updated, this little hobby of hers has indeed helped her along her line of work at Digital Lab, keeping her clients on track with what’s new on the block. While numbers aren’t her thing, she loves anything related to art.
Putting on her earphones and going for a run has always been her favourite way to relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind. A person who doesn not shy away from laughing out loud, she believes laughter is the best medicine for just about anything!
Head of operations & Dream alchemist

Adonsia Yap

Adonsia is our Dream Alchemist, she represents both the company’s aspirations, as well as its hopes to fulfil the dreams of its growing base of happy clients! A pinch of creativity, some finely tuned brand aims, and kapow, you have your highly sought-after elixir for a successful campaign.

Producer and Strategist with over 15 years of marketing experience in the digital and traditional space. Her entrepreneur-infused genetics have led her from selling handmade fashion accessories in her formative years to starting her own bespoke handbag label, aesthetics studios, and even video production services. A jack of all trades, Adonsia hopes to utilise digitalLab as a platform to forge new partnerships and create collaborative transnational communities for growth.

A zero-sugar caffeinated junkie who loves spicy food. Her soft spot for animals has led her to participate in fostering dogs, searching for missing dogs, and feeding strays while she is not busy building dreams through digitalLab.

Digital designer dynamo

Dhea Aditya

A cat-loving person, gamer, and a total metalhead, Dhea spends all of his free time serving his cats and playing video games, fueled by good coffee.
Video manager & Rockstar

Octi Sundari

An introvert who just needs a good movie and book for healing, Octi seeks creativity through quiet, small moments. This helps hone her graphic and video editing skills to new heights. To keep everything in balance, she loves keeping fit and working out to release stress.
Website Designer "Legally Creative"


Ruling over their kingdom of HTML, it’s not hard to imagine how a Website Manager might be seen as the ruling power of all things digital; shaking their fists at orders gone astray and zapping bad feedback into good customer experience where it belongs. He is truly the master of the digital hemisphere.

Prior to digitalLab, Chris spent over 15 years working as an inhouse counsel, where he gained valuable experience in both corporate and legal affairs. While he enjoyed his time as a counsel, his true passion has always been in the creative industry. That's why he is so excited to be able to merge his legal expertise with his love for design and branding through digitalLab. Chris likes to think of himself as a "Legally Creative" individual, bringing a unique blend of left-brain and right-brain thinking to the table, and helping businesses reach new heights of awesomeness.

Paid Social Manager

Nur Hazirah

As a digital marketing enthusiast, she is always looking for ways to stay on-trend with the latest techniques in digital marketing. Her never-ending dedication to assist businesses in achieving success in the digital space is what keeps her motivated.

Hazirah is committed to continuous learning and is currently working on obtaining her degree to broaden her understanding in her field.

In her free time, she enjoys playing badminton with her friends and watching Korean dramas.

Paid social manager & Chatter monkey

Robbie Alexander

A social media executive with a zest for helping businesses and organisations connect with their audience through engaging and effective social media campaigns, Robbie has an in-depth understanding of how to utilise different social media platforms to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions.

As someone who is always on the lookout for great ideas and inspirations to bring to life, Robbie is the epitome of making anything possible! Started out learning Infocomm technology but ended up loving and doing Media and Communications, talk about a complete 180 change for him!

An ISFP by nature but secretly an ESFP under the influence of K-pop, coffee and delicious food, Robbie is both fun at work and at play!

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